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Dentists often say that the most frustrating aspect of the profession is overcoming a patients’ fears, which makes finding the right dentist of paramount importance to many people.  Without an online presence and one that communicates your values, it is nearly impossible for clients to build that trust in your practice.  We can help you reach clients with a site that is designed to establish comfort and connection while encouraging a conversation.


  • Share your practice’s philosophy, experience, and training
  • Quickly connect with clients that respond to your approach
  • Create a home for ongoing content creation like a practice blog
  • Create a positive lasting professional impression

Key Services

  • Professionally developed website
  • High-quality and affordable custom design
  • Website pages optimized for client acquisition
  • Performance-minded web development
  • Google analytics integration
  • Ongoing access to support


  • Research your practice’s unique attributes and establish your message
  • Create website layout & design
  • Craft content development with SEO-rich text
  • Execute website technical implementation
  • Integrate website analytics
  • Launch Site


In today’s market, there are a number of ways for a patient to find a dentist. A strong marketing strategy will get you extensive visibility and a notable amount of patient signups. When someone does a search, you want to be at the top of results, or you will lose out to sites that are.  With SEM and social tactics such as keyword bidding  and audience segmentation, you can drive more traffic to your site where targeted custom content will be more likely to encourage engagement and drive conversion.


  • Affordable pricing that takes the heavy lifting off you, and won’t break the bank
  • Goal-driven marketing that brings dollars back to your practice through an ROI model
  • A measurable, new patient acquisition plan that reaches prospective clients.
  • A comprehensive monthly report on how you are progressing towards new patient goals.
  • A data-informed approach that helps you project your growth based on the money you put in.

Key Services

  • Detailed keyword research and keyword optimized content
  • Increased visibility in search engines
  • Custom targeted ad campaigns
  • Monthly performance report
  • Creation of social presence and daily monitoring of platforms to respond to comments, messages & posts


  • Develop and analyze thousands of keyword terms and audience profiles to determine a targeted strategy
  • Research, create and implement an in-depth campaign strategy that is focused across various social and business platforms
  • Create forward-looking content, social, newsletter and promotional calendars to help you share relevant content across all of your channels
  • Maintain and consistently optimize your online presence across platforms

Your clients deserve to get healthier – doesn’t your practice?

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Case Study

Sol Dental Homepage


Groove Medical worked with Sol Dental Care to design a site that appealed to both English and Spanish speaking families. Following the launch of the new site, Groove Medical implemented a strategic marketing plan involving SEM, SEO and content creation.

The setup process included:

  • Website design & implementation
  • Website content development
  • Marketing strategy setup
  • Search engine and social marketing campaign creation
  • Ad copy and ad image asset development
  • Monthly tracking setup

The results were powerful:

  • Generated hundreds of calls in first few months
  • Achieved beneficial customer acquisition rates
  • We created a new audience specific digital identity for Sol
  • We moved Sol to the number 1 spot on Yelp in El Paso
  • Significantly increased digital footprint of a new dental office

Being a full time practicing dentist, it’s very difficult for me to focus on marketing aspects for my office. After doing my due diligence, I was fortunate enough to come across Groove Medical. Instantly, they were able to sit down with me and explain an online marketing strategy that would make sense for my office. From day one, I felt like I’ve been informed and updated every step of the way. Their customer service and communication skills are next to none. The results I obtained with their strategy were instantaneous and better than I could have ever imagined. I will not hesitate on using them for any future business’ I may have, and they come with my highest recommendation.

Pejman Parsa Sol Dental

Dr. Pejman Parsa, DDS MS
Sol Dental


Q: How will you communicate my unique message and services?

A: The first step is to thoroughly understand your business and your business goals. We will review your competitors, your customers and their expectations and behavior, and how your website factors into all of it. We will evaluate how companies and websites similar to yours look and function. This stage will give us the foundation to help you develop your unique voice and vision in the most effective way to reach your audience.

Q: Will I be able to contribute to the process?

A: Yes. Our process includes multiple feedback loops at every phase of the project. This always begins with a conversation with you and the dialogue continues until your project is complete.

Q: Is this going to be expensive on a monthly basis?

A: Some investment is required for expanding your website and business reach, however, we do offer a range of pricing plans to fit your specific budget and goals.

Q: What if I want to change something that has been created or implemented?

A: Some changes might be a part of your plan and available to address during a revision round. Outside of that, changes will go to an hourly rate. We are happy to provide you with an estimate based on your needs.

Q: Will I own my website and domain?

A: Yes. While we do offer hosting if you need it, you own all the files and assets associated with your project.

Your clients deserve to get healthier - doesn't your practice?
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