Medical Device Marketing

With 2015 global sales of $350 billion, the medical device industry is a juggernaut of the health care segment. Medical device manufacturers rely on innovation and technology to craft the instruments and machines doctors and their patients use daily. Medical device companies can also use that same spirit of innovation to drive their digital marketing strategies.

Search Engine Optimization

Prior to the internet’s development, medical device marketers relied on sales representatives to share information about their products and encourage demand for those products. Today, due to popular search engines such as Google, medical device sales representatives have basically fallen into obsolescence. As a result, getting your digital presence and products to rank highly through internet searches — the goal of search engine optimization (SEO) — can mean the difference between success and obscurity. In fact, recent research from Chitika indicates that 92 percent of search clicks go to the results that appear on the first page of Google.

So how can we improve your medical device SEO efforts? First, we can evaluate your company name. We’ll ensure that you take the top position for your company’s name as well as misspellings and variants. Second, we’ll help you assess the searchability of the names of your medical devices. Finally, we can help you identify unique long-tail searches, such as “pulse oximeter Atlanta,” to give you a better opportunity to rank highly for these keyword terms.

Social Media Marketing

Social media is often an untapped source of marketing potential among medtech companies. While not all medical device companies will find a natural forum on networks such as Instagram, some presence on social media can substantially raise your conversions.

Here are just a few examples of we can help leverage social media to raise your engagement levels. According to the Institute for Health, 67 percent of doctors use social media professionally and 87 percent use it personally. Likewise, Manhattan Research’s Digital MedTech Physician study found that 68 percent of physicians polled watched videos online to learn about medical devices, and 50 percent said that they would engage in online promotions for medical devices even if they don’t meet representatives in person from those companies.

We can tailor your social media marketing (SMM) strategy to target the two most important stakeholders in the medical device industry: doctors and patients. LinkedIn is a useful platform to reach physicians and others in the industry, while Twitter offers a way to succinctly communicate with medical device users and health care providers. Depending on whom you’re trying to target in your latest campaign, we can leverage these platforms to boost your engagement levels, drive traffic to your site, and increase your conversion rate.

Pay-Per-Click Campaign

With a sound pay-per-click (PPC) marketing strategy, we can help your company’s ads can appear on top of the organic results from a search. Compared to organic SEO, PPC results are easier to get. We can help you craft PPC ads that will draw the search user’s eye and encourage that all-important click.

PPCs are the primary tool in the toolbox of search engine marketing, or SEM. We can help you identify the highest-value, strategic keywords to bid on, so you get the most return on your PPC investment. Specifically, your website will attract between one and seven percent of all Internet users in your area. That means if you bid on five solid keywords that we recommend, you can reach up to 75,000 Internet users every month.

Website Development

An effective website is critical to medical device companies, as the primary purpose of all other forms of digital marketing is to drive traffic to a site for visitor-to-customer conversions. When your website successfully converts those visitors, you know your marketing efforts are working. When evaluating the marketing value of your medical device website, ask yourself three questions: Is your site easy to find? Does the site engage visitors? Will visitors want to share their contact information with you?

Potential features for medical device websites include a doctor locator for your physician customers, a doctor portal for communication, a library of training videos and patient testimonials, assessment tools to boost patient engagement, and a seminar module.