Hospital Marketing

No matter the size of your health care facility, your hospital needs to stand out. With the right combination of search engine optimization (SEO) and digital marketing, you’ll reach the right customers, generate leads, and grow your health care business. Find out how our digital marketing services can put your hospital in the spotlight.

Search Engine Optimization

For many hospital administrators, SEO remains a mystery. That doesn’t mean you should ignore this essential aspect of online marketing, though. After all, effective SEO will ensure that your facility’s website appears in the appropriate search results and that it ranks above your local or national competitors. That means patients will find your facility before they have the chance to patronize another hospital. No matter your overall marketing goals, SEO has long-range effects. When you hire our team to optimize your website, we’ll follow the industry’s ever-evolving best practices to ensure that your organization stays on top of search results. From on-page optimization to establishing important content partnerships, we’ll take the necessary steps to help your facility meet your client acquisition objectives.

Social Media Marketing

If you think of social media platforms as mere spaces to socialize with friends and family, it’s time to reframe the way you view these channels. An increasingly high percentage of internet users is active on social media, and they aren’t there just for fun. Instead, social media users learn about hospital options, make decisions about facilities, and develop loyalty for health care brands. Social media is the ideal venue for building an engaged customer base, updating followers about new products and services, and building your client list. From Facebook to Twitter to Instagram, your facility needs a social presence that inspires confidence and turns social followers into customers. When you hire us, we’ll create consistency across all of your social platforms, create custom content, and develop a social posting calendar that will enhance your following and engage your audience.

Pay-Per-Click Campaign

When you want to increase your facility’s visibility, target new customers, and drive sales, search engine marketing (SEM) is key. This marketing strategy focuses on customers who are primed to take an action relevant to your facility, such as scheduling an appointment or booking a service. Whatever you’re promoting, our pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns can help you seal the deal. They’ll see these PPC ads when they search for a relevant keyword, and when your ad appears at the top, all prospective customers have to do is click through to enter your sales funnel. It’s important to remember that while PPC ads are smart marketing tactics, they aren’t foolproof. You need an experienced team to develop and deploy a PPC campaign and get the results you want.

Website Design

Website design refers to much more than just the appearance of a site. While most hospital administrators want their websites to look great, you also need one that functions smoothly and meets the rapidly changing requirements of search engines and smart devices. When our team designs a website, we work from the ground up. We implement basic SEO practices to ensure that your facility’s website will rank well in search engines. We also integrate Google Analytics into the site so we can track its overall performance and ensure that each page meets established objectives. In addition, our professional team of developers uses responsive design so that users on any type of device, from a smartphone to a desktop computer, will be able to view and use your website properly. Together, these components combine to form a website that looks sharp, is user-friendly, and helps your business achieve goals.